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Weinstein: Bail system undercuts principles of justice

An insider in the Ottawa justice system spoke out publicly this week, decrying what she described as a broken bail system.

What message does the Ghomeshi decision send?

Anne London-Weinstein, former crown prosecutor and director of the Criminal Lawyers Association sound bite.

Ghomeshi outcome sparks heated debate over how justice system deals with sexual assault

The most-followed sexual-assault case in recent Canadian history has given way to a heated public debate over the judicial system itself.

Repeat rapist spared dangerous offender tag

A glimmer of hope -- but nothing more -- for a repeat rapist and slave to the demon drink.

Canada's bail culture often unconstitutional

Canada's bail system is not only broken, it's putting vulnerable people at risk and is sometimes "unconstitutional," says an Ottawa defence lawyer.

Women in criminal defence: the good, the ugly, and the truth

Anne London-Weinstein on women in criminal defence. Article prepared by Ines Gavra for Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

Solomon Friedman and Anne Weinstein on jury selection

Anne Weinstein joins CBC All in a Day's Alan Neal to discuss jury selection and jury trials.

A Law With New Purpose

By changing the justification for the proposed new prostitution law the government offers a response to the Bedford decision. But problems with Bill C-36 don't end there.

University student acquitted of manslaughter in drug slaying

A university student was cleared of manslaughter Tuesday in the killing of 16-year-old Yazdan Ghiasvand Ghiasi, who was shot through the heart over a garbage bag full of pot and dumped on Booth St.

Charges stayed in Epic Trial

The firm represented one of the wrongfully convicted men in the infamous 'Cumberland' murder case in Ottawa. Read about the outcome in this article.

Committee on Feb. 13th, 2013

Anne London Weinstein argues that Canadian Forces members should be afforded all the Constitutional protections enjoyed by every Canadian when facing criminal charges in this Parliamentary Committee proceeding.

Toby Land to serve at least 10 years for Hammer Attack

The Court applied Gladue principles concerning the treatment of Aboriginal offenders in sentencing our client to the minimum parole ineligibility for second degree murder, rejecting the Crown's call for a fifteen year period.

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