Areas Of Practice

The lawyers at Weinstein Law practice in all areas of law including the most serious and complex cases.

Drug offences:

Drug offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act can vary with their severity, with some carrying serious mandatory minimums for offenders. Conviction for drug offences can hinder a persons ability to travel outside of Canada. Charges of this nature require a skilled defence.

Drinking and Driving:

Any individual who has an alcohol level of 80mg per 100ml of blood while operating a motorized vehicle is comitting an offence, and can be charged under the Criminal Code of Canada. Charges relating to drinking and driving can be very technical and require an experienced lawyer to ensure the most desirable outcome, as a conviction can have a lasting effect on a persons life.

Sexual Assault:

Sexual assault is defined as the unwanted touching of another person for a sexual purpose. Due to the seriousness of this charge, it can become quite overwhelming for any individual who has to face it. At Weinstein Law, we have extensive experience handling matters involving sexual assault to ensure the strongest defence, and provide the best support.


When an individual is arrested for a criminal offence, they are not always released from the station. As such, once we become aware that a client is in custody, we work quickly to ensure a quality bail plan is in place to propose to the court for the quickest release.

Fraud/ white collar crimes:

Fraud is when one uses deceit to try and take something that it not rightfully theirs. These type of cases usually have voluminous disclosure and involve many hours of review due to their complexity. Ensuring a skillful eye examines the disclosure is key to a successful outcome.


Dealing with criminal matters is stressful and we understand that sometimes, to put one at ease, they may decide to seek a second opinion. Weinstein Law will review your case in its entirety and provide you with our unbiased, professional opinion for any matter.


Weinstein Law practices appellate litigation at all levels, from Summary Conviction appeals to appeals before the Ontario Court of Appeal. When our clients choose to challenge their convictions, our lawyers will prepare the best arguments in anticipation of a successful appeal.


Homicide involves taking, directly or indirectly, ones life. Separated by first degree, second degree, infanticide and manslaughter, homicide is considered the most serious crime under the Criminal Code of Canada. These charges carry the most serious penalties known to law and require the most experienced and skilled defence available. Our firm has significant experience in successfully handling homicide cases.

Domestic/ Assault:

While assault is defined as any intentional force towards another person, whether it be threats or physical contact, domestic assault is when the assault involves there being a relationship between the accused and the victim (wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend). Domestic Assault cases are not taken lightly within the Court system, as Crown Attorneys and Police Officers prosecute these cases strongly to deter future incidents.


Any offence under the Criminal Code of Canada involving a gun or some form of weapon is treated very seriously. With the increasing presence of mandatory minimums for many gun and weapon related offences, it is important to have a strong defence to navigate through the complex legislation.

Provincial offences:

Provincial offences involve a person being charged under Provincial Legislation such as the Highway Traffic Act, or the Municipal By-Law Act. Provincial Offences matters are dealt with in the Provincial Offences Court.


Robbery is when a person intends to commit a theft while using violence, or the threat of violence. It is a serious charge that can carry serious punishment. It is important to have a lawyer to assess the case and the evidence to ensure the best possible defence.

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